Simple Guide on What to Wear in Vegas for Women

A trip to Vegas requires that you take more than just your make-up and sleep mask. In fact, you will find that when packing for Vegas, the packing list is so different from any other trip.


This is because Las Vegas is so many activities, which include seeing shows, visiting the casinos, parties by the poolside, and so much more. In this post, we show you what to wear in Vegas so that we help you with packing.

Daytime Looks for Vegas

Vegas is built right in the middle of a desert. Because of that, there is just a lot of heat, especially if you decide to visit during the summer.

Before you dress up, one thing to consider is the type of activity you're going to do. All the same, you should ensure that you wear something that helps you to stay cool.

We suggest that you go for some shorts and tank tops, as well as some flip-flops. You will also want to consider a sun hat so as to shield your face from direct sunlight.

What to Wear to a Vegas Pool Party

Attending a pool party in Vegas requires you to wear cute swimwear. Also, you must make sure that you never forget your sunscreen and your hat. 

Don't be surprised to see women wearing make-up while in their swimsuits in Vegas. This is because women in Vegas love to look good. Therefore, if that is your thing, make sure you wear some make-up too. Oh, and don't forget the stilettos!

What to Wear to the Pool

If you decide that you actually want to swim, you can visit the hotel pool. Of course, you can wear a cute swimsuit, but we suggest that you get rid of the stilettos and the make-up this time. Instead, make sure that you have your sunscreen with you.

Outfit Ideas for Walking the Vegas Strip

The Vegas Strip is a lot of fun because there's just a lot of activities going on around you. What most visitors love about Vegas is that it's legal to walk around with a drink in your hand. The only thing that you have to ensure is that it's in a plastic cap.

We suggest that you wear something that will keep you cool as Vegas is really hot. Go for sandals, some shorts or a flowy skirt, as well as a strappy top. Whatever you're going to wear, make sure you're comfortable.

Nighttime Looks for Vegas

When night comes, Vegas tends to cool down.

Therefore, we suggest that you cover up a bit. Now is the time to wear your jeans or slacks, and make sure that you throw in a cardigan or that favourite summer jacket of yours.

Vegas Restaurants Outfit Ideas

You will find that most restaurants in Vegas are classy and fancy. Because of that, you want to wear attire that's a bit formal and make sure you do not forget the heels.

Club Outfits Ideas for Vegas

The club scene in Las Vegas is off the chain. Because of that, you will definitely want to look your best. Make sure that you wear eyecatching outfits. In fact, do not be afraid to add a pop of colour to add a little bit of fun to your look.

Remember, you're probably going to be dancing a lot, so you want to make sure that your shoes are comfortable. Or, if you decide to wear some heels, make sure that you pack some flats in your purse.

What to Wear to Vegas Casinos

Casinos in Vegas are like no other! In fact, people dress to the nines when they are going to the casinos. This is a perfect chance for you to dress like you're going to the Oscars.

Make sure that you find a lovely gown that you can wear with matching jewellery, as well as some heels. To complete your look, do not forget to dress your hair up and wear elegant make-up.

Outfit Ideas for Vegas Concerts

We suggest that you find an outfit that works both for a sit-down dinner at the restaurant and a concert afterwards. Obviously, you will not find the time to go back to your hotel and change after you have dinner. Therefore, choose an outfit that will take you out of the restaurant straight to a concert. check out to find out more about all Vegas attractions.