Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Main Missions # 042

Prayer Canvas: Worldwide

Below are the Canvas of Prayers side quests around the world.

Task: challenge the girl

Difficulty level: 1 star
Client: Righteous Liv
Subject: Proof of Bravery x1
Condition: Complete main quest 1-5
Reward: 600 Gil, Silver Medal x1, Maximum HP +10, Magic +1

Proof of Courage is found on the floor in the first building in the Sacred District of Luxerion.

Objective: Excavation of secrets

Difficulty level: 2 stars
Client: Archaeologist Davia
product: Gold scarab.
Condition: Run That Rough Beast Slouching Side Quest in Dead Dunes
Reward: 1400 Gil, Golden Anchor x1, Adamantoise Shell x1, Maximum HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

The Golden Scarab is found at the top of the Temple Ruins in the Dead Dunes.

Objective: Vanishing Prayer

Difficulty level: 1 star
Client: AZ
Item: old fashioned photo frame
Condition: complete the quest "Saving an Angel" in the "Wild Lands"
Reward: 800 Gil, Crystalline Star x1, Maximum HP +10, Strength +1

An old-fashioned photo frame is found in a storage bin south of the research camp in the Wildlands.

Objective: The Forbidden Volume

Difficulty level: 2 stars.
Client: Alchemist Mate.
Subject: Etro's Forbidden Tome.
Condition: complete the main quest.3-3
Award: 1200 g

The Forbidden Tom Etro is in the Wildlands, outside the door north of Poltay.

Challenge: the key to her heart

Difficulty level: 1 star.
Client: Shokolina.
Item: Sweetheart Gift
Condition: complete the main quest.5-2
Reward: 1000 gil, Hat for Chocobo girl, Max HP +10, Magic +1

The Beloved's Gift is found in the Wildlands Items container, southwest of Aryas Village.

Task: Road works

Difficulty level: 1 star
Client: Job Manager Dent
Subject: Light Gate Unlock Proof x1, Green Gate Unlock Proof x1
Availability: Day 9
Prize: 800 gil, Uldan Blade x1, Uldan Cross x1, Maximum HP +10, Strength (Strength) +1

Go to the gate at one end of the highway connecting Luxerion and the Wildlands.Explore the centers of both gates to find items.

Objective: Roadworks II

Difficulty level: 2 stars
Client: Work Manager Ford
Subject: Key to the Green Gate x1, Key to the Sand Gate x1
Availability: Day 9
Reward: 1200 Gil, Gridani Sword x1, Gridani Symbol x1, Max HP +20, Strength (Strength) +2, Magic +1

The Green Gate Key is located in the Wild Lands container, south of Aryas Village.The Sand Gate Key is located in the Dead Dunes, near the Oasis Lighthouse. Best Diving Knives