Tips for the passage of the game The Walking Dead. Episode III: Long way forward. Chapter 1: Farewell, quietly says. # 002
[Accepted decision number 1]

Kill a girl.

Leaving a girl to be a zombie prey.

If you want to shoot the girl, just aim at her and shoot. Do not try to shoot a zombie and think that you can shoot them all, because Kenny gets angry at you, and ultimately you will still be forced to throw a girl. But if you want to do it yourself, just exit the screen.

The result of your solution will be the amount of time you need to collect the seals. If you somehow throw a girl, you will have much more time (enough to take all items). If you shoot it, you will have significantly less time, and you will need to hurry.

[Panic Event: Start]

As soon as you restore control over the main character, start collecting all kinds of items. Take the first-aid kit, bottle with medicines, supplies, energy bars. On the floor five items, including one in the garbage bucket, two on the shelves on the left and one on the shelf on the right. If you have already collected all eight items, immediately look ("Go") to the right to go to the next part of the pharmacy.

In the box there are three items, to the right of the box there are one, and on the shelves above three. Take everything (seven items) and then go straight to the next part of the pharmacy.

Take the subject from the admission and quickly press the shelf to open it. Inside four subjects. If you go right now, you will return to the first place with deliveries. But if you have already collected them all (all of them twenty), whether it recognizes it, and you will automatically find yourself in the next part of the chapter (or this will happen if you just do not have enough time). You will see a message indicating the number of items that you have collected. It's time to get away from this place.

(1) Look right and jump over the counter.

(2) Whether will be crushed by the door. Click the button shown on the screen, and do not worry about the fact that the screen is becoming more and more red. After a while, you will see the scene in which Kenny will run to you to help, or will look in another direction - depending on whether you helped him kill Larry in the second episode or tried to save Larry.

(3) However, in both cases, what happens next will be the same - continue clicking the button shown on the screen until the next one will appear. Press once to pull the doors.

(4) Look a little to the right and tilt the refrigerator to block the passage. You have only a few seconds to do it, so do not postpone. Although the screen will not be red here, zombies still can get you.

(5) After a while, your path will be blocked by a zombie pilot.

(6) Hit it into the chest twice. For the first time it will be a little more difficult to go, as the enemy is constantly moving.

(7) The last thing to be done is to hold down the button shown on the screen during the contraction with the pilot. Then click the next button once to push the zombies on the debris.

[Panic Event: End]

Before leaving the pharmacy, if Kenny did not help you, whether it would reproach it in this. This is the end of the first chapter. Rate brunette porn video selection.