Black magic death spells vs other spells?

Why you want to use black magic death spells

I, spellcaster Maxim, would like to start this article  about black magic death spells with a very important reminder: Higher Powers are watching you 24/7 analyzing every step you take and every decision you make. As a result, they either punish you or reward you. If you don’t believe it’s true and think you’re a free person who can do whatever you feel like doing, feel free to close this page, browse for a death spell, and cast it or hire a magic practitioner to perform the ritual. But I can assure you that we will see each other very soon. However, next time you’ll visit my website SPELLSHELP.COM with a different goal in mind – you’ll be hoping to find a way to stop your suffering caused by Higher Powers who punished you for putting a death spell on an innocent person or having a sorcerer do it for you. Your punishment won’t necessarily be very severe. Moreover, I’m pretty sure not all of you will be punished at all. In some cases people serve as an intermediary helping Higher Powers o punish someone through one of the death spells black magic. The algorithm of such collaboration is simple: - Someone does wrong to you; - You can’t forgive this person; - To get back at this person, you order a black magic spell; - Your chosen magic practitioner performs the ritual; - A death spell is put on the target. Higher Powers don’t punish you for it. Moreover, they assist you with it, making sure the spell is put on the right target. Why?

Black magic death spells

There are two possible answers. The first one is you are paying off your karmic debt which could have been accumulated in your past life or in your current life. The second one is that the target’s karma has warned the target against committing certain karmic crimes but the target didn’t listen. The bad news is only 1 out of 1,000 people who cast or ordered a death spell, manage to avoid Higher Powers’ punishment. The rest are punished severely and mercifully for daring to use the most dangerous of spells. Why do you order a death spell? Below are some likely reasons why: - You’re jealous; - You were humiliated; - Your ego was hurt; - Your dreams didn’t come true; - You think you’re entitled; - You feel enraged but for no real reason; - You’re scared; - You are unable to forgive; - You envy someone. If you want to use one of the black magic death spells for one of the above reasons listed by me, spellcaster Maxim, I can assure you that you’ll be punished by Higher Powers. And when Higher Powers want to punish a person, nothing can protect this person, including the most qualified of magic practitioners and the most powerful of protective spells and amulets.

What to use instead of death spells black magic

I, spellcaster Maxim, don’t try to talk you out of seeking revenge. I just suggest that you avoid dangerous spells, such as voodoo egg spells or death spells through a photo or any other death rituals. If the punishment fits the crime, you’ll be fine because people have the right to exact revenge against someone who did wrong to them. However, the Universe strives for balance, so you should give back the same amount of negative energy as you received. I’d like to separately address those who are seeking revenge against someone who put a curse on them. Don’t do it! You don’t need any revenge rituals or death spells to make your enemy suffer. Just contact me and let me remove your curse and put it back onto your curser adding some of my energy. As a result, your curser will punish himself (herself) and suffer because of the curse intended for you. There are different ways to exact revenge and a murder through a magic spell is definitely a bad idea. Were you betrayed by your loved one? I, spellcaster Maxim, will make him love you again and give you an opportunity to break up with him and watch him suffer and lose his mind over you. Is someone laughing at you because you don’t have money? I know powerful rituals to attract money to make you rich and at the same time make the one who laughed at you poor (I’ll basically put that person in your shoes). Were you physically hurt or assaulted by someone? There is no need to kill that person. I can change this man’s destiny making sure he ends up in jail where he gets exposed to continuous violence and abuse. Did someone steal your business idea? Reach out to me and I’ll make the thief regret it and compensate you for your losses and moral damages. As an experienced magic practitioner, I can find a solution to any problem you have without using death spells black magic. So think about it. The solution to your problem is safer and simpler than you think!

Death spell black magic

The danger of voodoo egg spells vs other spells

All black magic spells, including those which appear simple, such as voodoo egg spells, are very dangerous. They basically mark your karma with “murderer”, even if you didn’t perform the ritual by yourself but hired a spellcaster to do it. It means that all energies which could bring joy, health, happiness, love and wealth into your life, will be gone. Light forces which protected you will turn away from you, including your Guardian Angel and your ancestors and even those good souls you met and made friends with in your past lives and during your previous interstellar travels. Remember that you are an eternal being and all your choices are staying with you forever. It also means that if you kill someone with magic, you’ll be paying for it in your current and future lives. So think about the solution I’m offering. Is it such a bad idea to choose safer rituals over death spells? Let’s figure it out together!